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Ty Roachford – S.S. One Petal Inspin VS BTH Iso-Tracer (tutorial)

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Ty Roachford teaches us how to do a very cool hands-together pattern, super aesthetically pleasing.

Lorq Nichols – Gunslinger Wrist Wraps (Tutorial)

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Also called "Ninjas" or "through wraps" Lorq Nichols shows us the shinobi way of how to perform gunslingers.

Jonathan Alvarez – The Gunslinger (Tutorial)

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Jonathan Alvarez shows us how to round up and exterminate some critters with gunslingers

Joff – Pull backs and friends – A Poi Throw Tutorial

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Joff puts together a nice tutorial exploring a simple throw concept applied in different timing and directions.

Jack Burner – “In The Loop” – Episode 20

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In 2014, Jack Burner posted a 25-part tutorial series featuring several advanced contact poi/manipulation sequences that all have a very symmetrical balance to them. You are guaranteed to see some tech you have never ...

Nick Wondo – Fishing In The Backyard

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Nick Wondo with some fresh poi fishtail tech

Charlie: 9-Square Theory #1

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The first in Charlie's 10 part series (!!!) on 9-square theory. While the series was published a while back, it is still one of the most comprehensive and well thought out frameworks for tech poi in existence. Well do...

Dave Statik – Tracing Tutorial Series: Episode 1

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Here is the start to a helpful tutorial series on tracing by Dave Statik. Awesome work Dave!

Marvin Ong – Kinetic 2013 Recap – Body Tracers

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Here's a classic workshop recap from Marvin at Kinetic Fire in 2013. Tracers are essential. Smooth and tasty.

Zan – Zan’s Diamond Tutorial

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A must-know piece of tech for flower junkies.

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