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Chris Kelly – Pod Mods

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Chris is now selling LED Contact Poi! With cool 3d-printed led handle inserts by Sheridan Miller.

Josh Wallace and Mike Levy – Slops, Swaps, and Rolls

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Some great contact in here from two rising poi allstars Josh Wallace and Mike Levy.

Willow Solow and Justin Widmar – First You Take a Concept 3

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Willow Solow and Justin Widmar spend an afternoon exploring 1.5's. It's amazing how much can be discovered by creating an arbitrary limitation. Define the boundaries of the box, and humans are sure to fill it to it...

Chris Kelly – 100 Tricks 100 Days

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Chris Kelly gives us the most recent addition to Spin More Poi's Lengendary Status videos. The discipline and perseverance required to research original poi moves for 100 consecutive days is only matched in caliber...

Colin Morton – One Quick Clip

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Boss poi jugglers from one of the masters, Colin Morton.

Jack Burner – For Sagan’s Sake

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Jack is high on a list of underrated poi innovators. Here is one of his awesome videos containing loads of original contact poi ideas. He's smooth, he's inventive, and he deserves loads more attention.

Johny Douglas: 7 days of Poideas

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Johny has put together a cluster of his abundant short clips, and I thank him for it. His tangle and whip-catch explorations make me very happy.

Poi Thingy of the Day: Number 69

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A pretty challenging takeout by Willow Solow and Justin Widmar.

Jimmy Linenberger – Iso Toss Pattern Thingy

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A cool little thingy from Jimmy. Maintain that isolation!

Liz Knights – BTB Crosser Toss

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title says it.

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