Thank You!

Thank you so so so so SO SO SO MUCH!!!


With your help, I can keep this site up and running.

My goal is to always fill it with fresh material, keeping Spin More Poi an ever-growing resource for poi spinners around the world. I want people to have a place where they can learn this incredible art form and have all the resources they need right there before them in one place. My hope is also that SMP will grow with the poi community to always reflect the current happenings in our global community of poi spinning.

If you donated to this site, then this art form has probably touched your life as deeply as it has the rest of us. And just think of how many more people in world are waiting to have the benefit of poi! This meditation, therapy, and skill has so much potential for humanity.


So I challenge you, take poi into a nearby park. Spin, and when you see people smile and watch, go and offer some to them to try. Show your friends and family and explain how it fascinates and compels you. Don’t worry about the social myths that say not to spin in an airport or at a party.


Be yourself and spread your passion. It will serve you and the world drastically!


Also, contact me and let me know how I can help you. You’ve been generous, and deserve love.