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Ronan and Yuta – Squares of Darkness: Poitato Sushi

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A great video from the pre-facebook era of poi. Yuta and Ronan spent some time at the Vulcan, explored its many staircases, and did some great work with tunneling and manipulation. Dig it!

Flowtoys Made Me Superhero And Now My Life Is Beautiful

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Ernest Piatrovich (FireNest) from Belarus put together a hilarious video for the "Flowtoys - Life Is Beautiful" competition in 2014. Silly costumes, cheesy effects, and a really creative way to integrate poi into a su...

Prop Box Jam-Willow, Nicky, Tim, Aifique, Ky, Kaden

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When this many great spinners are in the same place, they are obligated to make a video. Huge variety of techniques, huge amounts of silliness.

Joffjk Poi Performance – A Road To No Where

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Joff's act from 2012 featuring spinning, tossing, and contact while under the influence. He uses some seemingly difficult-to-use props that fit perfectly well with his costume.

Ronan and Yuta: Poitato Sushi

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A blast from the past, featuring Ronan and Yuta. It's a good reminder of both how influential these two have been, and of how far the poi community has come since 2008.

Occupoi Chicago

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One of the best interjections of 'poi' into another word ever: occupoi.

Burning Dan has Mucho Talento

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