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Oh hai
26 years old, born and raised in Denver, CO. I have been spinning poi for roughly 8 years. You may (probably not) know me from my youtube days as user PoiRsquared and 4poiRcubedV.
I love playing with my balls….youtube
Born in Northern Virginia I have been spinning poi for since 2010. Through the flow arts I have gotten to visit Fahrenheit fire festival 2014 and FLAME festival 1998. I have taught many fire jams in the past year in the local Virginia area. I am currently a student at James Madison University. We here at JMU have create a community of spinners, JMU Free Flow on facebook.Here is a link to my Youtube page: is a link to my Instagram page: is a link to my Facebook page:
Kipper grew up on a reservation in Northern Ontario Canada. He dreamed of going out into the world to seek a lift of adventure. Along with hitch-hiking around Canada and living in the Rockies, Poi has been on of the things that has helped him achieve that dream. Kipper performs and teaches as The Pyroneer.
The Pyroneer is a multi-talented fire spinner currently based in Toronto, Ontario and is available for hire across North America and beyond. He performs independently as The Pyroneer, and has performed with The Pyroflys, Zero Gravity Circus, The New Model Circus Army, Red Pepper Spectacle, Kinshira and MythMaker. He has also been a coach with The Circus Academy and teachs Poi independently.
The Pyroneer has spent years developing his talents wielding a multitude of fire toys. Specializing in Poi, he can dazzle audiences with his exceptional skill and style. The Pyroneer was given his name after he was the first person to use Fire Poops; a new fire toy which combines Poi and Fire Hoops. He has also developed skills with Staff, Hula Hoop, Juggling and Devil Sticks.
The Pyroneer was one of only 8 solo male fire spinners invited to perform at the 8th Annual Union Square Fire Dance Expo in San Francisco California. This event is the largest, free-to-the-public, legal fire dancing show in the western hemisphere. He was also had the honour of performing with MythMaker in the 2014 Burning Man fire conclave. He is also currently Shin for the New Model Circus Army conclave based in Toronto. In the summer of 2015, he will also be presenting Spin All The Things” The Toronto Flow Festival; Toronto’s first flow festival.
Check out The Pyroneer at And check out Spin All The Things at
Grant Baker enthusiastically spins poi in his hometown of Asheville, NC.  There he helps organize and participates in the local flow scene and performs with Unifire Theatre.  You may spot him at select flow festivals around the country.  He loves spending long hours with spheres and motions, as well as sharing this passion with his fellow dancing primates.  If you like, see him in action here:
Born and raised in sunny South Florida, professional stage performer since 2012 and adamant manipulation enthusiast. As of 2015, currently traveling as a flow arts instructor, building his brand locally, and working on creating a sustainable career as a performer of modern circus & fire arts. picture youtube

Kate Riegle van West is an interdisciplinary artist currently conducting PhD research on the effects of poi on physical and cognitive function in healthy older adults. Kate has studied poi in many ways on many levels, from opening a flow arts storefront in Chicago, to creating a musical instrument rooted in poi during her MFA and giving a TED talk about it.

Place of origin: Chicago, IL
Current place: Auckland, NZ




From Sonora, California
Youtube Axtell is a west coast poi spinner with 15 years experience, spinning, performing, and teaching poi.
An avid fire and glow enthusiast, Kevin is also co director of the Flow Arts Institute along side Noel Yee and Zan Moore. FAI is the countries largest network of Fire and Flow festivals and online education for flow artists.
Though a club artist at heart, Kevin considers poi to be “The Great Teacher” and he follows the Gospel of the VTG closer than most.
Other hobbies include Earth art sculpture and Firewalking.Link to picture

Kory San (real name Corey Ellis) is an object manipulator from Tampa, Florida who has been active in the community since 2009. Corey is a social worker who has always held a passion for helping individuals overcome difficulties in their lives. He enjoys sharing his love of the flow arts and hosts a free workshop series in his home community every month. He has also been a featured instructor at several flow arts festivals in the Eastern part of the US. picture youtube

From Aurora colorado, this dude has probably been glowsticking as long as or longer than anyone I have seen or met. 10+ years. He is the master of handles (which he makes himself out of hollow glowstick tubes and I nova lights. He has been an inspiration to many poi spinners and glowstickers throughout colorado and beyond.

Hi i’m M8iN,
i’m in the fire circle since 2006.
With my girlfriend Chrisy we are www.Double-Fire-Mainz.deI try to play the most of the spinning tools, and try to raise the fire family in germany.I am the organisation of the convention named “SPIELPAUSE” (Break to play) all over in Germany. (
I’m also the organisation of the “FLOW-CIRCLE” near Bingen (Germany) and “POI-PICKNICK” around Germany.For the community i like helping to organisate gatherings and build spinning tools. favorite spinningtools are:
Snakes / Poi
BUUGENG/Magnetic Weave/S-Staff
and Fan.
(in this order)I like making pecussion music, traveling, try out new things, meet juggling people and to be with nature and animals.My youtube channel is


Based out of Louisville, KY, Matt O’ in love with the flow community ever since he attended his 1st flow festival.  He now teaches poi locally at the American Turner’s Youth Circus also travels the region to perform and instruct. His goal is to inspire and spread the beauty of flow arts to as many people as possible. picture youtube
Matthew Sosticky Matthew Sosticky or Sticky has been performing and instructing for the past 9 years. He is part owner of Resplendent Flames from Virginia Beach, VA. Find out about more at
Supreme being. The most incredible learner on the face of the planet. Originally from Colorado, originally, human. Now robot, now omnipresent. youtube
Nicky Evers is a movement artist interested in teaching and developing Poi spinning and the Flow Arts culture holistically; documenting (, entertaining (, teaching (, and performing (

South Florida originated poi spinner who’s been tearing up the game in only his first two years, huge potential and grounds for improvement, definitely somebody worth watching. picture youtube
Kaden wrote my bio for me:
Born in Texas, since migrated to the Vulcan. Found poi in a small Northern California town, and has become a majorly badass poi spinner. Constantly pushing the limits of no-beats, partner tossing, and a huge proponent of poi documentation. He also runs this sweet website called
I was surprised to not see him on this list already, but feel he is a necessary addition. Here is his youtube.
Glowstickers that are really awesome:


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