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Armin Taeschner and Willow Solow – First You Take a Concept 5

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Here's a fun concept video from Armin and Willow. The 5th in the "First You Take a Concept" series from Willow. This time the concept is simply Feet. From Willow: "This video is from when I was visiting Berlin i...

Drex and Morgan- Stray Italian Greyhound

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Drex and Morgan's performance skillfully and emotionally combines dance and partner poi. I especially enjoyed the lift sequences, and hope this video inspires many more spinners with backgrounds in dance to incorporat...

Mike Levy & Josh Wallace – Slops, Swaps, and Rolls

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Mike Levy & Josh Wallace from Florida show us some innovative partner contact concepts in a fun video that's guaranteed to make you happy.

Dorothea & Cyrille – Partner-poi practicing 2010

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Considering this is the first and only published video of Cyrille and Dorothea, it is remarkably polished. This video explores a lot of flower patterns, weaves, and clean footwork, but what stands out most is the incr...

Japanese Poi Girls 2015

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It's great to see collaboration. Within groups there are even smaller groups. Those groups make videos and wow us all. :)

Keith and Antonia – Autumn’s Passing

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UTTER DESTRUCTION!!! Two of the greats, Keith Marshall and Antonia Mae, take things to the next level. Again. The passing in here is so delicate and yet so SO solid. Pretty much none of this stuff has hit the airwa...

Ronan and Vojta: Broken Toe Bros

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Lots of symmetrical partner poi tunneling patterns with some beautiful scenery.

Fess & Mpak – Tech Tunnel Poi Blog 3

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The third installment of a series of tunneling videos courtesy of Fess and Mpak. This one includes a bunch of great stacking patterns, some quarter time antispins, and a couple of really cool box-style stalls.

Ronan and Vojta: Broken Toe Bros

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Ronan and Vojta with some refreshingly not throw/three/four/tangley poi. Clean, crisp tunneling, poi tracing, and all around aesthetically pleasing things.


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Filmed in beautiful Cargèse, Francois, Hanna, Tina, and Thomas demonstrate some fascinating multi-person partner poi ideas! This video includes lots of weaves, perfectly-timed pattern spinning, some slick one-hand tra...

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