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Colin Morton – One Quick Clip

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Boss poi jugglers from one of the masters, Colin Morton.

Blake Mahon – The Best of 2015

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Blake has some great flow and some snippets of dense, original explorations in here. Awesome video Blake! Beautiful scenes, too. :)

Sa – Contemporary Contact Poi

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Here is the legendary Sa. In this most-recent-but-still-old video, he explores for a moment in contemporary contact poi. Not his usual style but very interesting. Probably the most underrated poi artist of all time...

Poi at EJC 2015

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Willow made the pilgrimage to EJC this year, and returned with this fantastic video. It shows off the poi scene at EJC, as well as some serious skill from loads of influential poi-folk. Keith Marshall, Colin Morton, A...

Kot Poi – Antigravity

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Dmitriy Pronyakin I think? Such a great video for a blend of reasons: classic tech is sorely needed, yet the moves are fresh and the style is original! So Awesome!!! It reminds me some of the 'First You Take a Concep...

The Poi Travels – Colorado

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For some of us, these are the best times spent with poi: spending long days with friends in an extended jam. Spinning, playing, cooking, spinning some more. Colorado was a time of such relentless research with Adam...

G fire poi @ SF Decompression 2009

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G is truly a master of pattern spinning and plane changes, as evidenced through this classic video of his performance at SF Decompression.

Dorothea & Cyrille – Partner-poi practicing 2010

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Considering this is the first and only published video of Cyrille and Dorothea, it is remarkably polished. This video explores a lot of flower patterns, weaves, and clean footwork, but what stands out most is the incr...

Flowtoys Made Me Superhero And Now My Life Is Beautiful

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Ernest Piatrovich (FireNest) from Belarus put together a hilarious video for the "Flowtoys - Life Is Beautiful" competition in 2014. Silly costumes, cheesy effects, and a really creative way to integrate poi into a su...

Japanese Poi Girls 2015

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It's great to see collaboration. Within groups there are even smaller groups. Those groups make videos and wow us all. :)

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