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Nicky Evers: Sunrise Flow at Firedrums 2016

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This is probably the best burn I've ever seen from Nicky. Such unhindered and smooth flow. Really truly inspiring, and hypnotizing and calming to watch. Awesome job Nicky!

G fire poi @ SF Decompression 2009

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G is truly a master of pattern spinning and plane changes, as evidenced through this classic video of his performance at SF Decompression.

Mike Davis – So Close To Home

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Awesome creativity as usual by Mike Davis. Some wicked cool poi patterns, tangles, contact and even poi juggling!

Greg Haskins -Practice More

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Ridiculous patterns, awesome contact work and a very original style. Sweet video by Greg Haskins! Cinematography by Teddy Petrosky

Tim Goddard-Belarus Session D

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Tim Goddard doesn't spin like anyone else. This is only one of four Belarus Sessions he's posted, and all show tremendous individuality and density. Good on ya', Tim.

Joff Ra J playing poi!

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Joff Ra J shows us that contact moves with sock poi are no obstacle. Wicked fishtails, tosses and more!

Lane Lillquist – Botanical Garden Flow

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Here is some smooth and classic flow from Lane Lillquist at the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco. Some smooth isolations and good no-beats in here. I love seeing when a poi artist is obviously feeling good and lo...

Nick Woolsey – Bali Fire Poi Dance Improv

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Here's my favorite video of Nick Woolsey. Lots of interesting tempo changes, stalls, and bendy 3D patterns. I enjoy the distinctly different styles that emerge with the varying length of the poi throughout the video.

Johny Douglas – Contact Poi (Kuma Films)

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Johny Douglas teams up with Kuma Films to show us what contact poi is all about. Contact rolls, tosses, tangles, and plenty of innovative moves. This video has it all!

Haydon spins poi

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I'm trying to understand what just happened here. Can someone tell me what just happened here? Poi is changing my friends, and this is the jedi doing it.

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