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Nicky Evers: Sunrise Flow at Firedrums 2016

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This is probably the best burn I've ever seen from Nicky. Such unhindered and smooth flow. Really truly inspiring, and hypnotizing and calming to watch. Awesome job Nicky!

G fire poi @ SF Decompression 2009

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G is truly a master of pattern spinning and plane changes, as evidenced through this classic video of his performance at SF Decompression.

Japanese Poi Girls 2015

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It's great to see collaboration. Within groups there are even smaller groups. Those groups make videos and wow us all. :)

Nick Woolsey – Bali Fire Poi Dance Improv

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Here's my favorite video of Nick Woolsey. Lots of interesting tempo changes, stalls, and bendy 3D patterns. I enjoy the distinctly different styles that emerge with the varying length of the poi throughout the video.

Cryptic Firecat at Firedrums 2015

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Cryptic shares some excellent 3 poi body stall flow. Very fluid, very fiery, very good.

Ruby Phonngo – 3 fire poi 2013

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Ruby has been a beacon of awesome poi over in Thailand for the past couple of years. Here he is laying it down in 2013. Put up some of your newer videos on youtube Ruby!

Stefan and Kate – Punk Partner Poi

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Some really groundbreaking and full-scale-production partner poi from Stefan and Kate in Russia.   Super SUPER good you guys. Great work!

Tyfoods – Birthday Burn 2

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Some quality fire flow from Ty Roachford, the ridiculously fast-learning proidigy.

Sean Grimes – Flow

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Some classic fire spinning flow from Sean Grimes. I appreciate the smoothness of this spinning.

Fedor & Ukrop KFF 2013 Open Stage

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Hell yes. I want to go to Kiev Fire Festival.

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