The poi community is such an inspiring one.

Together, we surpass borders, communicating online with concepts that surpass language. We learn from and teach each other. There are many of us involved. Many of us are wondering how we can get more involved.


The goal of these pages is to ignite collaboration within the poi community.


The poi community blog is a bulletin board. Anyone can submit a piece of writing and it will be posted, pending moderation.

You can get there by clicking here:

poi community blog




The community encyclopedia has a similar intention, but for the exact purpose of building a glossary of terms. Here, we can create the conventions that the poi practice may be missing.

The Poi Community Encyclopedia



There is also a list of people. This is a place where poi spinners who are on the list can write a bio for themselves linking their youtube account or any other web pages. You can also add people to the list with the submission form at the bottom. Woo for community!