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Japanese Poi Spinners 2016

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Woo! The Japanese spinners are back! Another great year of increasing skill and awesome collaboration in that beautiful country. I want to go there SO BAD. Does anyone read these descriptions? Hmmm. Tell me if y...

Chris Kelly – IJA Tricks of the Month June 2016

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Woo! Way to go Chris! Chris Kelly has been leading the way with poi juggling and has rightfully earned the honor of making a "Tricks of the Month" video for the International Juggler's Association. What a great honor!

KiM – Move with Poi

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Wow. What a surprise! Another in KiM's "_____ with poi" series, it looks like Kim has been training hard on body movement, ground work, dance, etc. It's really cool to unexpectedly see how somebody's style has been...

Japanese Poi Girls 2016

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Yay!! Another Japanese poi girls video! Can I marry all of you? It's so good to see collaboration in this way. Keep it up, Japan! Thanks Haru!!

Ronan and Yuta – Squares of Darkness: Poitato Sushi

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A great video from the pre-facebook era of poi. Yuta and Ronan spent some time at the Vulcan, explored its many staircases, and did some great work with tunneling and manipulation. Dig it!

Johny Douglas, Kaden Hurst, Justin Hinde – Point of Interest

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Three mega spinners collaborate in this video as Johny travels from Colorado on his way to Portland. Johny Douglas, a modern spinner who plays with other props as well, was recently featured in a Kuma films video. ...

Iteration – Digital poi Ignis Pixel 160 HD

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Wow. The quality and scope of LED just keeps expanding! I wish I had a pair SO BAD!  

Keith and Antonia – Autumn’s Passing

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UTTER DESTRUCTION!!! Two of the greats, Keith Marshall and Antonia Mae, take things to the next level. Again. The passing in here is so delicate and yet so SO solid. Pretty much none of this stuff has hit the airwa...

Johnathan Alvarez – A Microscope for Time

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This video is viscerally satisfying to watch. Slow motion is visually satisfying in general, but provides some fantastic clarity on Johnathan's style of spinning. Way to go Johnathan, and thanks Matthew Brenner for th...

Greg Haskins -Practice More

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Ridiculous patterns, awesome contact work and a very original style. Sweet video by Greg Haskins! Cinematography by Teddy Petrosky

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