About Us

Spin More Poi’s mission is simple:

  • Enable you to spin poi more and spin poi better.
  • Enable us to grow as an open, mature, collaborative community.
  • Advance poi as a practice in larger society.

The tools used to serve these goals are collaboration, collection, and curation.

What do these tools work upon? They work upon the deep well of poi information that exists on the web.


The online world of poi spinning has hitherto been spread thin, segmented across a number of sites, users, the surrounding sub-communities and conversations. The goal of spinmorepoi.com is to bring this information in an organized way, and to serve as a hub for its use.

In doing so, Spin More Poi will grow however it may to further serve as a hub for poi spinning.

At the time of launch, there is already a Poi Community Blog, where anyone can write and submit an article. There is a a Poi Community Encyclopedia, and there is an easy way to submit videos and ideas for the site.


The site was created by Willow Solow, who loves spinning as a personal practice and loves to serve.

The real talent behind the site is the many content creators making videos, inspiring others, and exploring the frontiers of poi spinning. You are the poi community, and you are like a global family.


If you feel like the site should grow further, or want to show gratitude for the work that has been/is being put in to make it possible, please donate, and your funds will be put towards making the site better.


A special thanks to the largest content creators in the world of poi that teach us so much: Drex, Nick Woolsey, and everyone else.