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Javier Dieguez – Wynwood Tech

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Javier has quickly become one of the most stylish poi spinners around.

Asaf More – Contact Poi at Israeli Juggling Convention 2012

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Handling sequences with finesse, never sacrificing technical juggling to the want for dance and grace, Asaf showed this performance at IJC in 2012 and blew us away online. He really is an originator with poi. Too b...

Finding the G spot on the beach

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G shows us his favorite move in this one. For many of us, this video was the first time seeing/attempting tracers of any kind. It's really fun to try the variations: you can switch which hand is going shoulder/armpit,...

Adam Kemis – Poi from the Living Room

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Might be my favorite poi spinner. Seriously what an animal.

Lorq Nichols – Gunslinger Wrist Wraps (Tutorial)

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Also called "Ninjas" or "through wraps" Lorq Nichols shows us the shinobi way of how to perform gunslingers.

Chris Rovo – 4-poi by the Gulf

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What an OG spinner. Here is Rovo showing some new ideas into 4-poi.

Charlie: 9-Square Theory #1

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The first in Charlie's 10 part series (!!!) on 9-square theory. While the series was published a while back, it is still one of the most comprehensive and well thought out frameworks for tech poi in existence. Well do...

Noel and Danielle – Together but Opposites

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Laying it down with some partner tech: Noel Yee and Danielle Goode.

Timmehtek – misc

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From Silas Gallardo: "I always believed that one of tim goddard's most timeless videos is this one. not to say his recent minis aren't amazing, but misc has such a great mix of tim's unique style, great length for wh...

Wyatt Davis rocks the Gala Show at MOPS

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Wyatt Davis, on a strict diet of...wavis.

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